Achieving the year (2014)


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On expressing my gratitude for the lessons, tears and laughter in 2014

👣Closure is part of the process not the process
👣 Facebook and Instagram feeds are just notification not a dateline
👣Single, engaged, it’s complicated is a status not a state of well being
👣Unexpected is a game changer
👣Love grows dead or alive
👣Anxiety is a biaaaatchhhhh !!!
👣Thou shall not ruin the holiday spirit with undeserving company
👣Deal breakers are a two way street
👣To allow or to let someone is a fragile but necessary stand to take in life
👣Self care, self care and more self care
👣Heaven bless a good coworker; it makes a difference
👣Poor is the woman whose pleasure depends on the permission of others
👣Something’s are beautiful because they are heartbreaking
👣Mom makes a great friend and confident
👣Your dish detergent should be your new stain remover -Effective
👣I yearn for connection, intimacy, understanding, companionship


Between Tides


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Somewhere between where am at and where I am going; nothing is more paralyzingly than the unknown. Tonight I will sail through the tides with a soothing cup of mojito-marmalade tea and a scoop of honey. Little has got to be more. I just can’t do lots right now

I’m kinda sailing through this tides with hopes of coming across a pearl ✨


Calm an Anxious heart


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This is for all the odd mornings that; I wake up realizing that am going to need more than my alarm clock to get out of my bed.

This for those mornings that; I have to take a deeper breath to ground myself, else I might not step my foot on the ground.

This is for all the mornings that; I realize that it is yet another day that I wake up with a locked throat and a sore shoulder and back.

This for those mornings that; I do not wake up as my bubbly self and I have to make a conscious decision to do my breathing excerises and drink some water.


This for all the odd morning that; I cannot snap-out-of-it. So, I crawl out of bed feeling vulnerable and slightly disoriented.

This is for all of those mornings and odd hours of my day that have been punctuated by generalized anxiety disorder.

This for all those victorious mornings that; i slowly allow a breath of fresh air to run through my lungs into my nostrils till I feel the tightness around the muscles beneath my shoulder blades and lower back relax.

This is for a morning like today, when i wake up to the realization that I need to breathe a little longer, a little deeper to regain the normalcy of my day.

Just Breathe …

Intimacy … A single’s perspective


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I have been taking myself to place where I normally prefer to be with company. I getting the awakening sensation that I am currently exploring a different facade of my singleness. And it feels good!!! I don’t exactly have a date on the calendar which I can point out to you, when I started feeling like; I don’t deserve to put my life on hold.

This isn’t about the single life of party or the lonely cat lady. But, mostly how I have chosen to become intimate with myself by knowing what triggers my anxiety, picking the retail therapy of my choice preferably Anthropology or Joe Fresh 😄, which Netflix movie does the trick when my girl pal is on a hot date, It the kind of intimacy that rhymes with taking a hot bath, lightening up my vanilla candles, enjoying my glass of wine or cheese platter by myself in the comfort of my home. Without feeling like am missing out on life… Without feeling like I need to will the-one into my life to share this moment right now!!! right this minute !!!

At least now I can go forward again knowing that the best part of my life isn’t over, perhaps I am living it right now as a single woman, maybe it’s yet to come. But, right now am content and being so intimate with myself is by far one of the truest emotion i’ve experienced.

Let’s Not Forget


I just want the world to remember ….

On this same day a few years back

You were called to heaven

Another Year Without You

25 is no age to die.

Missed you then , today and forever

Continue to rest with the Lord

Nothing left Unsaid (Oct . 3rd )

Love always ……………….. Mocha