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week (1) I  needed this trip – front  row seat on Mt. Killi, new language, new commitments, new patients, new projects

week (5) why so different ? dusty roads, culture shock, good food, adventures.
I just want to watch Netflix plus growler night with my snuggle bear.


Week (9) still missing everything!!!  is the universe telling me something. But, i
wanted this wanderlust experience … too many “if” and “but” hanging over my head. Universe, please pick a day in the calendar … I need a break

whereever you are be all there 

week (what next ?) will  the white sand and blue waters of the Indian ocean teach me how to be all there again? what if the ocean breeze and magnificent waves give me the courage too sail forward … time to pack for a new destination

where ever you are be all there Mannie
just for today “Try” 

one place