What if the one you loved shared the same view as  Amanda or Hillory  ?


We weren’t all born from the ribs of our mother’s, some choose to breed, other’s adopted and some are simply childless


Childless by choice; selfish or not? there is no black or white answer to this question. it’s grey. Thousands of women struggle with motherhood and millions live up to the honorable title of a mother. Shout out  to my Mother !!! (Just had to throw that in). It’s ok for a woman to choose to be childless, even when the world expects her to breed. This woman isn’t selfish and doesn’t necessarily come from a place of fear or vulnerability. She doesn’t question your integrity simply because you’ve chosen the path of parenthood, why do you question hers?

personally, i view motherhood as an extremely intimidating journey and i am no where close to walking down that path … and if i ever do,  i’ll prefer to do it once. C-section will do for me forget Natural birth .. traumatizing !!!