Sacred Alone Extract …

Let’s surrender together, my loves.

Surrender to 20 minutes of no responsibilities other than being exactly where you are right now
Surrender to the peace of this present moment, here, now
Surrender to your fears, knowing you can hold them
Surrender to your joys, knowing you can hold those, too
Surrender to the healing power of the alone
Surrender to what you need
Surrender to what you know
Surrender to yourself


Enjoy your treat, Knowing you deserve it !!!


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A little birthday check-in from the bday girl and my blog who is equally a year older …

Reading – highlighted sections from notes on unraveling the heart
Feeling – pleasantly surprised
Smelling – spinach baked lasagna
Tasting - bits of my bday fruit cake, washed down with a well deserved cinnamon chai tea latte
Listening – lead me by Sanctus real
Creating – headspace, a calm fire, room for mindfulness and sweet companionship
Wanting – everything on my “one day” Pinterest board
Pondering - unsure but patiently waiting on the though to emerge … Taking that sacred alone course at last


Family Affair – Confession of a Healed Daughter


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I am struggling with this blog post but my thoughts must be explored and written.

Mama Bear,

This re-union happening after three years is well worth it. You’ve aged gracefully and seem a lot happier. It is very refreshing to see you happy. I also know that you’ve notice some changes over here. We are both adjusting to the women we’ve grown into. Co-existing over this three months period will put our personal boundaries to test. Literally !!! I am just grateful that you are coming home to a healed daughter. I have learnt to put the words patience and compromise to use. But i will not fall for your guilt trips (sorry mama!!! hahaha). I know that we communicate very differently now, and i need you to remember that you haven’t lost control the truth is;  we truly have No Control over other people emotions or reactions. Any attempt to over control leads to dysfunction

re-birth mandala

If you ever find yourself lost in this changes look at this Mandala and remember this;
1. I am resilient and i have found my inner goddess
2. I have also morphed from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly (free of dysfunctional patterns, free of grief, and anger),
3. I now flirt with life and embrace it with passion like a flamenco dancer.
4.I have found my centre.
5. I have modified your golden rule  of ” family comes first “  to family means the world to me but it can never be at risk of loosing my own sanity  gotta love this remix

Cheers to our fun vacation, thanks a million for all the wonderful gifts you brought on this trips and many more.





Mama Bear – Mantra


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Mama Bear    -  Mantra

i am seven days away from mama bear’s arrival … And here are my thoughts

1.  Excitement
I haven’t seen mama bear in three years

2. Company
Yay!!!  Quiet frankly my mama bear is very entertaining.
She has mastered the arts of “how to go on vacation jet-set style”
so having her in town means lots of eating out, fitness classes, shopping and lots of sight-seeing

3. Teeth Cringe … tic- toc -tic- toc
I am very apprehensive of her mama bear syndrome
If you grew up in a highly dysfunctional family,
you will relate to this; Mama loves and she loves hard.
Therefore; if  she can’t change a situation she turn to try to control it … LOL!!
No, Mom You won’t find you future son in-law while you visit and i certainly won’t be married by the time you return home HAHAHAHAHA 

So i told mama bear that; her vacation mantra is
” if you can’t change it, don’t control it , accept it ” 
You can’t blame the girl for trying Hihihihi !!!! regardless i love my mama bear and i can’t wait to see her


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