Let’s Not Forget


I just want the world to remember ….

On this same day a few years back

You were called to heaven

Another Year Without You

25 is no age to die.

Missed you then , today and forever

Continue to rest with the Lord

Nothing left Unsaid (Oct . 3rd )

Love always ……………….. Mocha

House Special


And so;

You stood there uttering the words “we are no longer fighting” … Pfff

How about the part where you finally take accountability for your action by labelling your doing and actually apologizing using “I statement” Instead of trying to call the shot on a situation that you clearly have no control over

Buddy , You Screwed Up. I expected you to pull a house special – something typical like avoiding, manipulating, playing the victim, not apologizing … you did just that!

By the way,

It is for this same reason that; I stared dead straight into your eyes while uttering this words. I will consider rebuilding once/if ever genuine accountability and mutual respect set in … For now with little to no expectation I shall remain politically correct mi amigo

trust is earned

I am Not tough, I Have boundaries


This ruthless little me with her Very Loud Newly Found Voice in a dog-eat-dog type of family

Sacred Alone Extract …

Let’s surrender together, my loves.

Surrender to 20 minutes of no responsibilities other than being exactly where you are right now
Surrender to the peace of this present moment, here, now
Surrender to your fears, knowing you can hold them
Surrender to your joys, knowing you can hold those, too
Surrender to the healing power of the alone
Surrender to what you need
Surrender to what you know
Surrender to yourself


Enjoy your treat, Knowing you deserve it !!!


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A little birthday check-in from the bday girl and my blog who is equally a year older …

Reading – highlighted sections from notes on unraveling the heart
Feeling – pleasantly surprised
Smelling – spinach baked lasagna
Tasting - bits of my bday fruit cake, washed down with a well deserved cinnamon chai tea latte
Listening – lead me by Sanctus real
Creating – headspace, a calm fire, room for mindfulness and sweet companionship
Wanting – everything on my “one day” Pinterest board
Pondering - unsure but patiently waiting on the though to emerge … Taking that sacred alone course at last


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