If Angel in heaven could hear our Birthday Wishes I’LL say this words to you …


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If Angel in heaven could hear our Birthday Wishes I'LL say this words to you …

My life has known Different since you passed away
There is a reoccurring thought of if and but’s
Through this experience i have known tears, hurt, grief, loss, laughter and uncertainty
I know the sacred alone <– i’ve even be-friended it
Forgive me for disturbing your peace but i could hold back but Wish you a Happy Birthday.
Do you celebrate birthday’s in Heaven …. ? hahahaha
In simple words
I just MISS YOU best friend

i wish you enough


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Mid way into March slowly getting my grove back.  yay me !!! Found this awesome post on my Facebook feeds. sharing the love

“I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright.

I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.

I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive.

I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger.

I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.

I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.

I wish you enough hellos to get you through the final good-bye.”



March Manifesto


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March Manifesto

I refuse,

to adhere to this ongoing state of arrested development slash momentary retreat into a lost child-adulthood status that is constantly on replay because my life has been take over by the “TWENTY SOMETHING” identity alien and now i am loosing my mind hahahahahhahahahaha!!!!  On the upside as you go throw it your mind unfolds to new possibilities and your irrational decisions take you to the places you’ve always wanted (settling into your career, wanting more and actually putting the work to get more out of life, laughing, crying and bitching about your  under achieved  life which isn’t even true) on that note here are some excuses to celebrate your Infamous QLC while this sucker rains on you.

1. The anniversary of the day you QUIT your old job and confidently settled into your greatest CAREER move

2. The time your hand reached for a Doritos Chips but mysteriously picked up KALE CHIPS and changed your snack habits forever

3. This June 16th, the anniversary of MY SO-CALLED LIFE, i’ll celebrate by taking a Patron shot – no cheap drinks allowed LOL

4. Everything You Do Is Right DAY March 16 – finally a day that tells as it is

quarter life crises are funny and annoying at the same time – just laugh it out

xoxo peace I’m out !!!!!

I’ve become a CONTROVERSIAL Catholic woman and i am NOT sorry !!!


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A silly thought came to my mind while i was at work, something along the lines of “what kind of catholic woman are you becoming ?” i decided to explore the possibilities of answering this question and i came up with this.

1.  I am the catholic woman who doesn’t care what you do with your sex life or your born or un-born child
Because when I choose to reflect on the issue with my heart and brain; I realize that what’s “wrong” for me might be “right” for you. Besides, who am i to force my approval or disapproval unto another woman’s body?


2. I am the catholic woman who rushes into the emergency shelter clothing room during my volunteer shift to hand a low-cut sexy top and a handful of female condoms to the street entrenched sex worker who is deeply buried into her heroine addiction. BECAUSE she requested it and isn’t ready to hear my monologue on “why she needs to quit her EXTREMELY HIGH RISk line of work”
Like she hasn’t heard that speech before. The #1 lesson that i have learnt from my experience with working/volunteering with high risk populations is  HARM REDUCTION 

3. I am also that catholic woman who take a minute to pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary, my special Angel and God asking ….

Lord, teach me to breathe understanding, compassion, acceptance and healing through my words but mostly through my actions. Give me the strength to see the PERSON not the DECISION 

In the end i realize that contrary to the do’s and don’t of my catholic faith, I have found a happy medium and it sits right in the middle of CONTROVERSY … and I AM NOT SORRY


Looking From The Outside In, You Can Never Understand It. Standing On The Inside Looking Out You Can Never Explain It.


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Looking From The Outside In, You Can Never Understand It. Standing On The Inside Looking Out You Can Never Explain It.

Looking From The Outside In, You Can Never Understand It. Standing On The Inside Looking Out You Can Never Explain It.

I must be going through some quarter life crises or at least my BODY is .. holly smokes my back has been killing me for months and i finally reached my boiling point

because adding back ache to anxiety is a nasty combo

… Yes yoga… my body is sore because i just started the whole yoga thing but i’m desperate enough to stay in for the ride


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